Extraction captures your attention in the best possible way, crafting a film that’s sure to make action fans happy.

The Story:

In Extraction, a mercenary is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Produced by the Russo Brothers of Marvel fame under their production company AGBO films, the film is director Sam Hargrove’s debut feature. He previously worked as a stunt coordinator for Atomic Blonde, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame.

Watch this if you:

Love action movies. The keywords are action, tension, and Chris Hemsworth. It’s a surprisingly easy watch. The action is fantastic and the cast is good enough to make the two-hour run time breeze by. Just grab some popcorn and you’re good to go.

What I think:

It’s everything you expect it to be but a little more. That’s not to say that I had high expectations while watching the trailer because we’ve seen this kind of film countless times before but the team behind it did inspire some confidence. Lucky for us, this one stuck the landing. Plot-wise, it’s a bit smarter than a lot of its predecessors but not by a lot. The action is where the beauty lies, which of course is something you’d expect from a stunt coordinator-turned-director.

The action sequences had the right amount of shakiness to it; enough to convey the energy of the scene but not too much that you miss half of the action which was a problem they ran into with Captain America: Civil War. The fight sequences were energetic and cleverly crafted (there was one sequence that lasted around 10 minutes), and the film as a whole had a snarky sense of humor to it. When it’s not in action, the cast was equally as good even if the story and the characterization were pretty bare-bones. While I wouldn’t put it next to John Wick or the Mission Impossible series, it has all the elements to keep any action film fan happy. Not bad for a debut outing.

Extraction is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it here.

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