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A Smart and Safer Way to Move
With innovative Nissan Intelligent Mobility features and a stylish new look, the New Nissan Urvan is ready to add some zest to your life’s pursuits both for business and for leisure.

Safety in Intelligent Motion

Functional Refresh
With new looks for the gear shift panel, gear shift lever, and D-shaped steering wheel, the Urvan dashboard continues to keep the driver comfortable and in control.

Standout Sensation
Whether you prefer the Urvan Premium with front fog lights and Chrome V-Motion Front Grille or the Urvan Standard with its Piano Black V-Motion Front Grille, you can always expect a great performance on the road.

Hill Start Assist
Nissan always has your back. Hill Start Assist is a convenient safety feature allows the car to remain at a standstill for a few seconds as you switch between the brake and the gas pedal to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards on inclines and slopes.

Vehicle Dynamic Control
Stay on the right path. Vehicle Dynamic Control reduces engine power and applies brake pressure to specific wheels in the event of over or understeering under harsh weather conditions to help you maintain control of the vehicle.

High Beam Assist
Driving at night made easier. High Beam Assist allows for seamless switching between low beam and high beam when it detects approaching vehicles. The convenient feature allows for earlier detection of pedestrians and safer driving.

High & Wide Passenger Entry
No more bumping heads. With high headroom and spacious legroom for 15 people, the Nissan Urvan Premium allows everyone to enjoy the ride with comfort and ease.

Individual Aircon Vents
With 12 individual rear aircon vents, every passenger can keep cool throughout the entire journey.

Anti-Lock Braking System with Load Sensing Valve and Brake Assist
These important safety features allow better control over the vehicle’s brakes during emergency situations in order to prevent tires sliding and avoid rear-end collisions.

SRS Airbags
The Nissan Urvan Premium is equipped with driver and front passenger airbags to keep you safe during emergencies.

Built for the Road
The Nissan Urvan gets an update. Face the road with a sleek new front grille, front bumper, and a stylish new fog lamp bezel.

Long Haul Comfort for All
Drive with ease using the Urvan’s refreshed dashboard with new looks for the gear shift selector, TFT meter, and D-shaped steering wheel. Spacious rear seats and 12 individual air-conditioning vents keep passengers cool and comfortable.


The All-New Nissan Livina


The Driver of Excitement
Experience a vehicle that gives you the power to make the most of every day. Built with excitement, safety, and efficiency in mind, navigate through city living with ease inside the All-New Nissan Livina.

Hill Start Assist, Vehicle Dynamic Control, SRS Airbags, and the Reverse Camera assist the Livina on its daily journeys for a safer drive.

Equipped with a 7” Touchscreen Audio Display with Waze and Spotify connectivity, charging ports, and a 6-speaker system, the Livina is fully ready to entertain the family.

Lighten the load of every journey with handy features like a Push Start Button, Flat Fold Rear Seats, and multiple storage spaces. The 7-seater vehicle is also equipped with front and rear air-conditioning for maximum comfort.


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Tech that protects. The Nissan Urvan Premium is equipped with Vehicle Dynamic Control to help stabilize the car when driven under any weather condition. Explore the Urvan Premium. Book a test drive here: <BATD URL>.

The Nissan Urvan’s High Beam Assist function automatically switches the headlight setting from high beam to low beam whenever it detects an incoming vehicle, making drives safer and more convenient for the driver. Book a test drive today. Visit <BATD URL>.

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Arianne Bautista is ready for anything. The All-New Nissan Livina carries everything and more, from extra clothes and laptop bags to dog beds and bags, perfect for every caring fur mom on the go! Storage compartments like a large glove box, luggage tray organizers, and an under-seat shoe tray help keep everything organized while tech like parking sensors and a rear view camera help make parking a breeze. With many colors available, there’s surely a Nissan Livina to match your style.
Learn more about the All-New Nissan Livina at:

The perfect family vehicle is here to delight the entire family. See how Kristoffer Martin’s daughter Precious falls in love with the All-New Nissan Livina! The 7-seater vehicle is safe and spacious, making it perfect for long drives, especially with all the extra baggage. Convenience has never been more present with features like a push-start button, multiple charging ports, and a 7” touchscreen display audio to rock out to songs on the road. Learn more about the All-New Nissan Livina at:


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Moms need a vehicle that can keep up with their needs. Spacious storage, ample seats, and safety above all are non-negotiables for a family vehicle. Bonus: something that looks just as stylish as she does!

The All-New Nissan Livina has a generous amount of storage with features like a large glove compartment, an under-seat shoe tray for that mid-day change, and a luggage tray organizer that can keep the mess at bay. The car has fold-flat rear seats and a large cargo space that can carry over 1,600L, fit for sports equipment, school requirements, or large coolers for big trips.

With 7 comfortable seats, the Livina ensures comfort for all with multiple charging ports, leather-upholstered seats, and Nissan’s exceptionally cool air-conditioning to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Car rides are also less boring with the 7” touchscreen display with phone link and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily navigate between using Waze or Spotify to have great fun on the road!

As far as safety is concerned, Vehicle Dynamic Control keeps the car stable while Traction Control allows you to drive confidently under any weather condition. ISO-Fix system, SRS Airbags, and the Anti-lock Brake System keep everyone safe inside the vehicle, while the Parking Sensors and Rear View Camera help make parking a breeze.

So whether you’re out with the family, coming home from work, running errands, or out with your friends, the Nissan Livina is an affordable and sensible family vehicle that also comes with a 5-Year Warranty (for the VL variant), meaning fewer headaches and better peace of mind!


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Nissan Unveils Their Most Family-Friendly Vehicle Yet
Angle: Driving within Metro Manila can be rough, especially for young families, so they need all the help they can get by using a vehicle that properly satisfies their need for space and comfort, all under one stylish exterior.
Enter: The All-New Nissan Livina. Advanced safety features and built-in entertainment with plenty of room to spare are what sets it apart as the best new vehicle for growing families. Nissan has a distinguished history of excellent features like exceptionally cool air conditioning in addition to seven leather-upholstered seats. It’s a great investment that also looks out for the future with its 5-year warranty (exclusive to the VL variant.)

Things to Consider Before Buying a Family Car
Angle: Cars are expensive purchases. For a growing family, every penny counts, so keep an eye out for these features to consider when buying a new car that can easily adapt to you and your family’s daily needs.
Present the All-New Nissan Livina as the market’s newest multi-purpose vehicle that’s suitable for the family. Advanced safety features, built-in entertainment, and a wealth of space allow the car to adapt to the family’s needs over time. Coupled with a 5-year warranty (exclusive to the VL variant) and generally lower maintenance costs, it’s a worthy investment that will serve the family well.


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